28” Heavy Duty Pepper Popper AR500 Steel

Innovative design allows you adjust both angle and movement of popper! Entire base and target made of 3/8″ AR500 Steel!

Our new Pepper Poppers are designed to last!

The entire silhouette and stand are made out of 3/8″ AR500 steel.  The bolt that holds the target is placed behind it, so the target protects it from errant shots.

The popper can be set up to be reactive or static when shot.

You can have it fall back for competition, but, with the insertion of a single pin, make it static for practice.

The angle of the silhouette can also be adjusted easily. The base includes a rubber bumper on the back to deaden the noise of the target falling for shot counters in competition.

Our 28″ Heavy Duty Pepper Popper includes 3/8″ AR500 28″ tall Popper silhouette, 3/8″ AR500 base with rubber bumper, bolt and pin.

The target, base and pin are painted gloss white.

This popper will take round after round – order yours today!

We also offer this target in a  42” version here: 42” Heavy Duty Pepper Popper AR500 Steel



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