36″ Belting Mount Combo for Hanging Gongs

Heavy Duty Belting Mount Combo

Combo includes everything you need to hang steel gongs and other targets!

Superior Ideas 36″ Belting Mount Combo is an ideal way to hang your targets. Longer belting is normally used to quickly hang targets.  With these longer belts you can easily install in the field with out tools!  The belting loops around the 2×4 in our Rebar or AR500 2×4 stands to make setting up in the field tool less.   Belting can also take many direct hits before failing!

Set includes 2 pcs 36″x3”x 1/4” belting, 2 – 1/2″X2 1/2″ grade 5 bolts, 4 – 1/2″washers, 4 – 1/2″ nuts and 2 – 1/2″ hex lock nuts.

The belting is heavy duty, and, as you can see from the pictures, our mounting system INcludes extra nuts so you can angle the targets when hanging.
Angling the gongs downward is a good idea for two reasons: It allows the bullets to deflect off the target, so your targets last longer and bullet fragments are projected downward for greater safety.

Try our Belting Mount Combo today – so easy – everything is provided for you!

This video of our Rebar Stand show how easy it is to install steel targets with the loop mounted belting.


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When using steel targets safe shooting distances are as follows: Handguns — 15 yards or greater; Rifles — 100 yards or greater. Steel targets should never be shot with a 50 BMG or steel core bullets. Any bullet with steel in jacket could dimple AR500 when shot at close range. If bullet projectile is magnetic it contains steel. BB, pellet and airsoft guns should not be used. They will bounce back.

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