Portable 8″ AR500 Steel Plate Rack

Our 8″ plate rack provides affordable, durable training for everyone!

Hook mounts make assembly super fast! No tools needed!

The Superior Ideas Portable 8″ Hook Mount Plate rack is an affordable handgun training tool.

The entire system is made out of 3/8″ AR500 steel for durability.

The target system includes 6- 8″ 3/8″AR500 steel hook mount plates, 6 hook mounts, and 2 EMT Conduit brackets.

Assembly is easy – simply slide hook mount brackets on your 2×4, put the EMT brackets on the ends, hang your gongs and shoot!

The hanging targets have a great AR500 steel ring!

All AR500 items store flat, taking up very little space.

All items are unpainted.

Recommended for handgun use only.

Does not include the 2×4 or EMT conduit.

Items you will have to purchase to complete the target system are 1  2×4 (minimum 8′) and 4 pcs of 5′ –  3/4″ EMT conduit. You can find EMT conduit at your local hardware store. It comes in pre-cut 5′ lengths.

Does not include the 2×4 or EMT conduit.





2 reviews for Portable 8″ AR500 Steel Plate Rack

  1. Tom W (verified owner)

    About as efficient as you can get – easy to carry around, and without spending a huge amount of money can have your very own plate rack

  2. Joe Reinsch (verified owner)

    Super EASY to set up and take down. With practice I can set up in less than 2 minutes and take down in a minute. I put all the plates and steel pieces in a bucket and the pipe and 2×4 in my other hand. Super clean burr free cuts ….Very pleased with the purchase, and it came blazingly fast….

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When using steel targets safe shooting distances are as follows: Handguns — 15 yards or greater; Rifles — 100 yards or greater. Steel targets should never be shot with a 50 BMG or steel core bullets. Any bullet with steel in jacket could dimple AR500 when shot at close range. If bullet projectile is magnetic it contains steel. BB, pellet and airsoft guns should not be used. They will bounce back.

Superior Ideas, Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of targets. You are agreeing to these terms as a buyer.


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