Precision .22lr Target System

The Superior Ideas Precision .22LR Rimfire Target System is perfect for training or competition use.

Compact and durable, the Precision Target System is portable and easy to set up!

Featuring 5 targets made from 1/4” thick AR500 Steel this is made to last! 

All 5 targets are separated by spacers to keep the target system consistent shot after shot.

You can shoot this target all day using .22LR ammo for a fraction of the cost of other rounds.

The targets are made from 1/4-inch thick AR-500 steel.

The top rod is made from 3/4” solid steel.

The overall size of the unit is 20″ tall x 40″ wide. The targets are in 1 inch increments 1″ – 5″.

The target system comes complete with everything you need. No additional items to purchase – just set up and shoot!

This item is designed for .22LR caliber guns only

Targets come painted gloss white.

Test your limits with our Precision .22LR Rimfire Target System!


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  1. Anonymous

    First off AWESOME customer service! Product is well made and hours of fun for all ages- when I’m at the club everyone loves shooting this thing! If your a 22 plunked this is most definitely for you!

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When using steel targets safe shooting distances are as follows: Handguns — 15 yards or greater; Rifles — 100 yards or greater. Steel targets should never be shot with a 50 BMG or steel core bullets. Any bullet with steel in jacket could dimple AR500 when shot at close range. If bullet projectile is magnetic it contains steel. BB, pellet and airsoft guns should not be used. They will bounce back.

Superior Ideas, Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of targets. You are agreeing to these terms as a buyer.


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